Monday, March 24

Mr Kevin

(Mr. Kevin: this is Jun Yee)

Well, im jun yee the one that is masturbating the book or in other words, touching the book(nothing wrong right?) well b4 i met mr kevin, i used to think he was gay (no offence) cause he wears his pants super tight and i think he just look gay to me.But the day that he came into my class he was actually the most un-gay teacher ive ever seen(make sure u praise me) he is a sick sick fool but we love him.He teach us moral! lol we sure learnt alot... And he has the best messages in his phone right mr kevin?? im nt feeling horny .... bla blah.. so im guessin he did it already. But of course with a rubber protection..But now, some stupid dumb fat **** teacher is teaching us moral..*sigh* but ill miss u mr kevin and yeah ill miss u *sob* *sob* now im nt that sick anymore because u left (its not a good thing)... So yeah i guess i gotta go now bye...UGH UGH UGH lol that was fake!

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