Tuesday, November 18

Some Videos

Listen till the end(there are jokes in the credits)

Thursday, June 12

Totally Awesome Party This Saturday!!!!

Hey 1 Keruing's, just want to remind you all about this Saturday organized by Mr Kevin, Mr Chuah, and Mr Tysern everyone is invited. The venue is not confirmed but it will be soon the time is from 5.00 onwards this Saturday!!! Any other information can be found at mr chuah's blog and please confirm at Mr Chuah's Chatbox please thanks!


Sunday, May 25

dEAd MUCh??

Arh....The blog so dead.... I think I want to make another video... But all are song lyrics...
Anyone agree??
If agree, tell me what song you want....
Oral test coming also.... Anyone ready??
Good luck la... l0l..

Since the blog so dead, I'll post crap.... xDD...
Believe it or not, I love this cartoon show.... HAhAA.. xDD..

Mr. Squarepants..

Spongebob's pose


Both Spongebob and Patrick

All the stars??


Thursday, May 22

Woohoo! yeah! ;DD

Thursday, May 15

Exam.... CHECKED!!!

EXAM OVERRR.................Time to ply com watch TV d. Anyway exam just over today so i ply computer xD. ok can we post more stuffs since exam over???

Tuesday, May 13

What Women Want

I know you guys are all having your exams and I hope that you guys are doing well this time. Do better than last time kay? I know you're all really smart and capable. (:

Anyway, just want to let you guys know about this.

Yeah, I'm going to be writing a series on love and relationships and a new article comes out every Friday on Hamlet's Hero.

So if there's a special girl you want to make yours out there, click on Hamlet's Hero and read it on Friday!

Can't wait to see you guys there!