Monday, March 31

here he comes

Alright, i know i am late entering this, but mind you ppl, Mr Tysern is just like any student, in school. Yeah.

You see, like anyone else, i am also an ordinary person. Minus the fact that i was always on the cool side-lah. I went through school life in DJ, and yes it was just not very long ago when I was at your age.

Told you guys, they called me the owner of modern playboy.

Really, alright.

Anyway, it been a long road since my old school days. Definitely i looked back at those times, when in need but then again, given the chance to educate you guys really is something i have never treasured so greatly. Teacher really enjoys every moment of it.

I was young before too. Very young actually.

Hey, i still had the coolness back then.

This was then, and

This is me now alright. Everything in between the 2 pics is what you guys are gonna experience and go through. Trust teacher, you will love every bit of it.

We were at time naughty also,

Oh yeah, how can i forget,

SUPER NERDY MR KEVIN. Hahahahaha alright...

Wacky Mr Patrick.

Alright actually, all of us guys was JUST LIKE YOU GUYS, naughty, curious and witty during our school years.

But trust me, this 5 years of your schooling like is gonna be a great one. Don't miss out on in.

Lots of love, Mr Tysern

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