Monday, March 31

About Me

Well,im romantic,nice,friendly,pro,cool,childish(thats wad Ms Sathya said) i dun really care actually.Im 100% me. Okay, lets get into the subject. I am sweet...i am juz gonna tell u guys a little something about me and her....

Well,it all started when i was standard 6.It was a day before Valentines.So..i decided to do something sweet like a card of somethin..

But after like 4 hours of thinkin,i finally got it! im gonna write a poem and give her a soft toy and also give her a heart-shaped card board with her name on it.So, yeah that was my brilliant idea.

The next day, it was PJPK.I stayed back for a little while and put that thing nicely under her desk.After PJPK, we all came back sweaty and smelly.Then, she saw it everyone was like WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! i can hear it from the toilet.

So, everyone thought it was from some other dude that likes her except for some that are smart like elaine,alycia and some other girls.But most importantly, she knows its from me...How do i know that? well, she messaged me...

So, yeah thats about me and her... erm...i have nothin to say ....bye..

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