Sunday, May 4

All the Best!

Your one and only Mr. Kevin!

Hey guys! I know I haven't been posting for quite some time but I was really busy with debate and all. Thanks to all that supported the debate team. We ended up making it to 2nd place at state level. Either way, I'm really, really proud of my team.

Just hope that you guys are doing well in school. Well, since I've been relieved of my position as the debate coach (because we didn't make it to national level), I won't be coming to school quite as often as I did earlier last month. ): Gonna miss bumping into all you guys and gals in school!

I know that the exams are just around the corner and I really hope that you people are giving the coming exams your best shot! I always believe in giving everything you do your very best shot. That way, even if things don't work out as well as you would have hoped, you still would have no room for regrets.

So, best of luck for your upcoming exams and hope to see you people soon!

Take care!

Your one and only teacher with skinny jeans and a bright red belt,
Mr. Kevin

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