Sunday, April 20


hey 1 keruing-ers!
im really sorry i didnt come on friday...i had no transport...and if u think im lying i can take the truth test or whatever u call it !!im serious!!and my mum said i cant take a cab so what do u want me to do ??i asked her many times but i didn't win !she still said no and i got scolded...i was supposed to buy the present before i go to school...after tuition...but then my mum called while i was in tuition and said i have to come home early cause i have no transport home nor to the shopping mall...i knew the deadline was on mum said she rather me safe then go to reall sorry u guys...u'll have your money back on monday...btw i seriously dont mind being fired as pengerusi...the job was kinda getting im really sorry..

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