Thursday, April 10

Mr. Kevin's first crush.

It was a long, long time ago, when Mr. Kevin was still a little, little boy studying in SJC (C) Yuk Chai. He was young, and he was only 10 then, and there she was, this pretty little girl named Joyce.


She was his classmate and she was beautiful. There was just this one problem - at that time, Mr. Kevin wasn't the tall, dark, handsome and older man that she always dreamed about. He was actually a year younger than her at that time. She was 11 and he was 10 at time because he skipped a grade a year back.

She was one of the most pursued girls in school and Mr. Kevin, at that time did not have the necessary experience to do anything about it. So he just watched from afar, not knowing what to do. When Valentine's day came up he got her a little card, painstakingly handmade from the pink colour paper he had at home and left it on her table. It was only signed "her Valentine" as he didn't have the courage to tell her that he liked her.

It's been so long now, and they have taken different paths in life, and now she's all but a distant memory, but it still is a sweet memory of a first crush.

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