Thursday, April 3

It's Not Her Fault.

Seriously guys, whats this whole hate Pn. Ruth thing about?

I'm sure that Pn. Ruth would let me stay too if she could, but the fact is that she's only following orders from the PIBG. The PIBG decided on the whole guru sandaran thing, not Pn. Ruth, so please don't blame her for something that wasn't up to her.

I'm not sure that you know this, but Pn. Ruth is a really caring and reasonable teacher and I can say that it was indeed an honor to work under her. Besides, Pn. Ruth was the one that called me back to school to teach, so I actually have Pn. Ruth to thank for the opportunity to meet you guys, really.

She's really doing a good job with the teachers and the school and DJ really needs her. I'm quite sure she will be really sad to see all that hate here when she really doesn't deserve it.

Love, not hate, okay?

(I'm editing the previous post so as to not hurt anyone's feelings)

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