Wednesday, April 2

Dropping the Mr. from Mr. Kevin.

It's official. If you don't know yet, here's the news.

Friday is my last day as a teacher in DJ.

Yesterday, Pn. Ruth came to 2 Meranti when I was sharing a story with them. She called me out and showed me a letter.

"...... guru sandaran telah diterima oleh SMK Damansara Jaya mulai 1 April 2008 ......"

Guess my supposedly more competent replacement is here at last. She wanted me to terminate work immediately but I told her that I would really want to at least say goodbye to my students. That's why I end on Friday.

And Patrick thought that I was April fooling him when I told him this yesterday. Aihhhh...
What to do la sometimes?

And yeah, guys please read this and pray for my dear friend Andrew who's currently in Damansara Specialist Hospital. I'm just wishing so hard that he wakes up.

Going to really miss seeing all you guys in school! And all the jokes too! 1 Keruing rocks!

Just a little present for you guys!

Aren't we just the coolest teachers ever?(Picture taken by the even cooler Mr. Patrick!)

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Patrick said...

alaaa...I'm not one of the coolest teachers ke? =(