Wednesday, March 19

Thanks teachers!...=D

Well..this whole 'class blog' thing was Mr Kevin's idea, so we all owe a big thanks to him...(: and as we all know..the time table's have been changed..AGAIN....
so all the teacher's that we love[Mr Kevin,Mr Tysern,Mr Chuah,Mr Patrick] are't going to teach us anymore...[sobz...]. But i'm sure all of us will agree that u teachers are AWESOME,and we've enjoyed all your classes it perverted or not,we've learned lotsa stuff...and we've had lotsa fun...=D
we never fail to look forward to all your classes each day..and of course,we'll miss you all..!!So anyways..this is just to say a big
THANK YOU to all you teachers!! we'll never forget you...(:

p.s.: u spelled Mr Kevin's name wrong my dear Cherish...xD..

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