Saturday, March 22

the lastest gossip!!;D you know that junyee has BALLS??
2.jivean has BALLS too(i think)!!!
3.the girls are smarter than boys!!(i think we all knew tht)
4.every1 in our class are still virgin!!

haha k im just joking for number 1 and 2.!!!XD number 3 im sure im correct!!number 4 im not so sure!!haha!k i did this cuz i was really bored and i think yu jun is desparate to know how 2 get 2 write in this yu jun dun ask in public!!ask brenda,angeline,lucas,sasha,me or any1 else in skul!!u see yu jun i so kind rite,think for like half and hour to write something just to answer your question.k i think thts all!!

lots of love,

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