Thursday, March 27

Hmmphhhh.. Todayyyyy..

so lets start wht happen today??
ntg much actually..
oya brenda lost her wallet!
luckily Pn. Margaret found it.. phewww..
Oya btw ppl who are goin fer seans Burfday party enjoy there kay!
Im not goin coz i needa go back to johore for the''cheng beng''
Many ppl burfday are coming.. :) Xin Yin-tomorrow :) shall splash her! XD
Sean's burfday is on the 2nd April, Sasha and Amy's burfday is on the 5th
too bad theirs is on a saturday orelse we can splash them! muahahah..
Klar.. Dats all fer now.. wanna sleep d..
Bb.. =P
xxx AngeLine<3

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