Wednesday, March 19

Every Ending is A New Beginning.

It's late now when I type this, but the very thought that my students from 1 Keruing are depending on me to upload the wonderful pictures we took today gives me the strength to keep typing on.

If there was one right decision that I've made in my life, it's this - coming back to teach in DJ and meeting such wonderful students that have really taken my viewpoint of life and turned it all around.

This experience is something so precious to me, it just makes me beam and smile uncontrollably when I think of you people, my dear, dear students.

Don't ask me why, but I know that just thinking of you guys having fun, telling jokes and just fooling around just puts a warm smile on my face. Perhaps it reminds me of the great times I had in DJ all those years back, and it just makes me really hope that your time in DJ would be as precious to you as my DJ years are to me.

A whole future in DJ awaits you guys!

Teaching you guys was a real pleasure, really. I can honestly say that from the very first day I walked into your class for KH class and taught you guys about fluorescent tubes (and "cok"s) I knew - teaching your class was going to be FUN!

Yes, he was like that from day 1.

I'm just a little unsure if they got any worse? Couldn't be because of me right?
Just that now I think they have a little obsession with my pants (or is it something else?).

Don't understand why you took this shot...

It just sucks that posting all this pictures online just makes me miss you guys already. Honest. I know I've not taught you guys for long, but it already feels like I really know you guys now.

Guess in life we've got to learn to say our goodbyes and just cherish the memories of the people we care about - change is the only constant, we've got to say our goodbyes some day anyway - but today seems a whole lifetime too soon.

Really, it all just seems too soon to be true. It almost doesn't make sense, but that's life, don't you agree?

I'm gonna miss you guys, but know that I'm not really gone and you guys can just come talk to me whenever I have the time.

I know as time goes by, I'll probably just be reduced to the memory of this teacher with tight pants and a bright red belt who once walked into your class, (tried) to teach you guys KH and moral knowledge, but I really hope that you remember me because you guys really made an impact on my life. The fact that I'm up at 2:10am right now typing this is testament to that.

To everyone in 1 Keruing, I wish each and every one of you all the best. All the best in school, love and life. (: And remember that teacher wearing the pink shirt that once tried real hard to teach you guys. Love you guys!

Look onward to the future with excitement! The best is yet to come!

NOTE: I changed the layout a little bit (:

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